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About the project

The GREEN4GREY pilot project is geared towards sustainable management of Celje’s and Rovinj’s urban forests through revitalization, installation of equipment, and promotion of forest’s natural and cultural value.

Urban or municipal forests are forest ecosystems determined by their location in the vicinity or within densely populated urban areas. Their presence preserves and expands biotic diversity of ecosystems at the local level and has a profound effect on the quality of living and on the ecological stability of the broad urban environment. Owing to their location in the vicinity of settlements and a large number of visitors, they play an important part in education and promotion of awareness of the natural environment; at the same time, they are an excellent setting for exercise and relaxation of urban dwellers.

Today, urban forests in Slovenian and Croatian cities span a rather small total area and they are scattered. Currently, major potential threats to urban forests include poor management and financing, and rapid economic development along with mounting pressure by other users of space, such as residential property development, industry, and infrastructure. Yet simultaneously, the role of urban forests in preserving biodiversity and their effect on the quality of urban living space are also rising.

Project goals

  1. Development of urban forest management, especially for forests of importance to the cities of Celje (Celje Town Forest) and Rovinj (park forest Zlatni rt – Punta Corrente) and their inhabitants.
  2. Provision of equipment and arrangement of the forest space for exercise, experience of nature, and education about the forests based on experiential learning.
  3. Revitalization of degraded forest areas for preserving the ecological and social functions of urban forests.
  4. Promoting awareness about the natural and cultural wealth of municipal forests through education and promotion.

Target groups of users

The primary target group are the residents of Celje and Rovinj. In development of education, the primary target group are elementary and high school students. IN terms of development and implementation of planned management of municipal forests, the target group includes the expert community and representatives of local communities and non-government organizations.