Celje Town Forest

Celje is one of the lucky cities with preserved forests in its direct vicinity. Their beneficial effect on the urban living environment makes them an extremely valuable ecosystem for the city. Their presence reduces the harmful and irritating effects of polluted air, they expand biodiversity, and provide a “green coat” that adorns the town and smooths its jagged edges. In the summer, they afford “natural air conditioning” as they cool the high temperatures. Forests at the outskirts of the town are also valuable green area that offers the residents and visitors daily contact with nature and relaxation in a preserved environment.

Due to their pronounced ecological and social functions, the forests in the vicinity of Celje have been protected as a special natural area since 1997. They span nearly 700 hectares. The closest to the town are the forests above the municipal park and those on the slopes of Anski vrh and Miklavški hrib. With planned development in the last two decades, this area, spanning more than 100 hectares of forest, has become the largest public green area. In this period, Celje Town Forest has also become an example of sound practice for other cities as well. The project is managed in terms of contents and organization by Celje’s local unit of the Slovenia Forest Service, in cooperation with the Municipality of Celje.

With an extensive and branching network of maintained and equipped forest paths totalling over 14 kilometres in length, the Town Forest offers numerous possibilities for taking a walk in nature. The paths starting at the edge of the town lead us across the forest slopes above the Savinja River and take us to two picturesque tops above the town: Anski vrh and Miklavški hrib.