Park forest Zlatni rt
– Punta Corrente in Rovinj

Park forest Zlatni rt – Punta Corrente is the first protected area in Istarska županija (1948) and one of the oldest in Croatia. Natural forest combined with park fixtures and many exotic plants endows the area with special horticultural and landscape value.

The area of 54.4 hectares is populated by the indigenous evergreen oak (Quercus ilex) and flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus), evergreen oak shrubbery with elements of Mediterranean flora, as well as planted Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis), Mediterranean pine (Pinus brutia), and maritime pine (Pinus pinaster). Standing out for their sheer size and interestingly shaped treetops are individual evergreen oaks, downy oaks (Quercus pubescens), exotic cypresses, Ginko biloba, a group of eucalyptuses, and many olive trees as remnants of traditional farming in this area. Along with roads lined with stone pines (Pinus pinea) and Mediterranean cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens), the Himalayan cedar (Cedrus deodara) planted in the form of a hexagram in the south part of the park are another special feature.

Park forest management and landscaping dates back to the late 19th century when Count Johann Georg Hütterott purchased large plots of land between Monte Mulini and Škaraba, and four islands along the Rovinj coast. It was his intention to open a climatic spa Cap Aureo (Golden Horn, Croatian: Zlatni rt) in the area of today’s park forest. Only a part of the horticultural works was completed by the end of his lifetime.

Many cultural-historical features stand witness to how people once lived – for example, the Countess’ stables (today a restaurant), the forester’s cabin (today the Hütterott Museum), remains of a small shipyard and piers, an old Venetian quarry (today an attractive climbing site), dry stone walls, and a large border wall marking the borders of the Count’s estates.

The park forest, affectionately named »the green lungs and the town jewel«, is today intended for relaxation and exercise. It allows its daily visitors to take refuge from the urban lifestyle and enjoy its beneficial effects.